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1A Introduction

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Site map

1B Patagonian background

1C Map of all lines


The Central Railway of Chubut

2A The Welsh settlers in the Chubut valley


2B The construction of the railway

Appendix 2X1
Senate resolutions at the time of the construction

2C The locos of the FC Central del Chubut

Appendix 2X7
Detailed photos of BP 2-6-0 no. 3

2D The rolling stock of the FCCC


2E FCCC extensions

Appendix 2X6
Itinerary of FCCC route
Appendix 2X2

Letters relating to early extension proposals


2F The operation of the FCCC

Appendix 2X3
Telegrams etc relating to railway operation

Appendix 2X4
FCCC staff list 1890

Appendix 2X5
Extra photos of the FCCC

2G FCCC surviving relics


The BAGSR route to Nauquen and Zapala

3A Planning and construction

Appendix 3X4 Rögind's chapter on the construction of the line
Appendix 3X5 Rögind's chapter on the Rio Negro bridge
Appendix 3X6 Rögind's chapter on the Rio Colorado flood
Appendix 3X10
Coleman's chapter on the construction of the line
Appendix 3X11 Coleman's chapter on the rio Colorado flood
Appendix 3X12 Coleman's chapter on railways not actually constructed
Appendix 3X13 Map of FCS network


3B Along the route

Appendix 3X1 An itinerary of the Neuquen route
Appendix 3X3 A map of the irrigated area on the upper Rio Negro

3C Operating the line

Appendix 3X14 1955 public timetable

3D Locomotives

Appendix 3X2 Neuquen line locomotives list

3E Rolling stock

3F Southern Transandine proposals

Appendix 3X7 Rögind's chapter on the Southern Transandino Railway proposals


3G Diversification

Appendix 3X8 Rögind's chapter on the Colonia Regina Alvear
Appendix 3X9 Rögind's chapter on the development of tourism


The broad gauge lines

4A An overview of the proposed network

Appendix 4X8
The text of Law 5559

Appendix 4X12
Other proposed lines in Patagonia
Appendix 4X14 Timetables

4B San Antonio to Lago Nahuel Huapi (Bariloche)

Appendix 4X2
An itinerary of the San Antonio route

Appendix 4X9
Extra photos of the San Antonio route

4C From San Antonio back to Viedma and the FC Sud

4D San Antonio line locos

Appendix 4X5
A list of San Antonio line locos


4E Comodoro Rivadavia to Colonia Sarmiento

Appendix 4X1
A map of Comodoro Rivadavia

Appendix 3X3
An itinerary of the Comodoro Rivadavia route

Appendix 4X10
Extra photos of the Comodoro Rivadavia route

(Appendix 7X6D
1957 report part D on Comodoro Rivadavia)

Appendix 4X13
Tickets from the Comodoro Rivadavia line

4F Comodoro Rivadavia line locos

Appendix 4X6
A list of Comodoro Rivadavia locos


4G Puerto Deseado to Colonia Las Heras

Appendix 4X4
An itinerary of the Puerto Deseado route

(Appendix 6X6E
1957 report part E on Puerto Deseado)

Appendix 4X11
Extra photos of the Puerto Deseado route

4H Puerto Deseado line locos

Appendix 4X7
A list of Puerto Deseado locos


The Chilean broad gauge

5A An overview (under construction)

5X1Map of the broad gauge network (under construction)


Chiloe Island railways

6A A chilote line

Appendix 6X1
Ancud-Castro route itinerary
Appendix 6X2 Map and profile of route

6B Under construction

6C Locomotives & rolling stock

Appendix 6X3 FCE steam loco identification
Appendix 6X4
Loco diagrams and data

6D Operating the FC de Chiloé

6E Along the route

6F A photo album

6G Surviving relics

6H Wood alcohol not whisky! (Quellon distillery)


The 75cm gauge empire of 1922

7A Grandiose plans hurriedly prepared

Appendix 7X10
Critical report by Dr. E. Perez, 1925

7B The 1922 locomotives

Appendix 7X13
Detailed list of locos

7C The 1922 rolling stock

Appendix 7X16
Detailed list of vehicles

7D Railcars and a tractor

7E The FCCC change of gauge and extension

Appendix 7X3
Itinerary of FCCC route

Appendix 7X8
Plan of Trelew station

7F FCCC reconstruction photos


7G Operating the regauged FCCC

Appendix 7X6
1942 timetable

Appendix 7X11
A 1955 FC Nacional Patagonico report

Appendix 7X12A
1957 report part A

Appendix 7X12B
1957 report part B

Appendix 7X12C
1957 report part C, specifically on the FCCC

Appendix 6X12D
1957 report part D on Comodoro Rivadavia

Appendix 7X12E
1957 report part E on Puerto Deseado

Appendix 7X12F
1957 report part F on the proposed FC Trans-Patagonico

Appendix 7X13
Various 1959 reports

Appendix 7X7
Instructions from the 1960 working timetable

Appendix 7X14
On the financial situation facing the Patagonian lines

Appendix 7X15
The termination of services report

7H Extra FCCC 75cm gauge photos

7I The new route to Esquel

Appendix 7X9 Photos of Ing. Jacobacci track layout

7J Photos of construction to Esquel

7K Operating the line to Esquel

Appendix 7X4
Itinerary of Esquel route

7L More photos on the Esquel line

7M The Rio Negro valley line

Appendix 7X5
Itinerary of Rio Negro route

7N Punta Piedras to Comodoro Rivadavia

7O More photos at Comodoro Rivadavia

7P Other lines which received material from the 1922 stock


Railways of the estancias and frigorificos

8A An overview

8B The early rendering plants or 'graserias'

8C The estancias and freezer plant at Rio Grande

8D Estancia Cullen

8E Ultima Esperanza and the Puerto Bories railway

8F Rio Gallegos to Puerto Deseado

8G San Gregorio estancia and Puerto Sara

8H Three frigorificos around Punta Arenas


Coalmine railways

9A The coalfield

9B The FC Mina Loreto at Punta Arenas

9C The Mina Loreto route and relics

Appendix 9X2
More pictures of the FC Mina Loreto


9D Building the Rio Turbio railway

Appendix 9X1
The RFIRT route itinerary

Appendix 9X4
The wreck of the iron barque Marjory Glen/Kently at Punta Loyola

9E The locos of the Rio Turbio railway

Appendix 9X3
Loco detail photos

Appendix 9X5
A list of individual locos

9F Rio Turbio rolling stock

9G Operating the Rio Turbio line

Appendix 9X6
Photos along the RFIRT route

9H Railways in the Rio Turbio mines


The prison railway and now the FCAF at Ushuaia

10A The prison railway

10B Prison railway locos

More pictures of the prison railway

10D Prison railway relics

10E The new FC Austral Fueguino

10F FCAF locos


South Atlantic islands and Antarctica

11A The Camber railway at Stanley in the Falkland islands

Appendix 11X1 Professor R. A. Smith's articles

11B Other railways in the Falkland Islands

11C The whaling stations of South Georgia and elsewhere

Appendix 11X2 Extracts from Admiralty charts showing the whaling stations

11D Saint Helena and Ascension Island

Appendix 11X3 Articles on the Ladder Hill incline


Salt extraction railways

12A The FC de Peninsula Valdes

12B The Cabo Blanco salina

Appendix 12X1 The history of Cabo Blanco

12C Salinas on the Neuquen route

12D Pictures at the Las Barrancas salina


Various industrial lines

13A 60cm oilfield lines at Comodoro Rivadavia

Appendix 13X1
Large scale maps of Comodoro Rivadavia

13B Comodoro Rivadavia port and jetties

13C Gold dredging in Tierra del Fuego

13D Other mines (not coal or gold)

13E Lighthouse railways

13F Cabo Raper relics

13G Forestry and sawmills

13H Rio Negro valley irrigation

Appendix 13X2
Map of upper Rio Negro valley irrigation areas

13I Oil around Neuquen

13J The isthmus of Ofqui canal

13K Various oddments


Sources and acknowledgements

14A Acknowledgements

14B Written railway-related sources

14C General Patagonian written sources

14D Websites

14E List of preserved locomotives

14F Entries in now defunct guestbook

14G Etymology of Patagonian station names

14H Google Earth files


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