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San Antonio line extra photos

Construction work in progress: a temporary trestle has been built so that spoil can be brought across the site of a future bridge in order to build up the embankment on this side. Close examination shows the tensioning wires beneath which enable the nearmost truss to carry the fully-laden skips.


The bridge over the Río Negro on one of the rare occasions when the bascule span was opened.


The first train to enter Bariloche was comprised of an FC Sud locomotive and stock, as that company had taken on the task of completing the construction work.


The station at San Carlos de Bariloche, probably during the 1930s.


This view from the Archivo Visual Patagónico shows on the right the branch line leading down to the slip-way where the motor vessel, the Modesta Victoria, was assembled from parts fabricated in Holland. The track is narrow gauge temporary, but the formation is already quite overgrown.


Also from this source is this a view of the slipway and crane just after its launch. The corner of a metal bodied wagon can be made out at the left of the picture. The Memoria for the construction of the Bariloche line for work completed in 1938 noted that the work on the branch was completed by administration during 1938. (1)


This is a view taken from the web of the vessel as it is now operating in 2017.


A 'Tren Bariloche' DMU stands at Bariloche before its return journey to Patagones, perhaps in the late 1930s or early 1940s.


A view taken after a passenger train derailment somewhere along the route. Neither the date nor the location are known. The bogies on the second vehicle in the photo are of Saccaggio's plate frame design for the FCS, this being one of the through cars from Buenos Aires to Bariloche.


A rebuilt class 11B 2-8-0 shunts the yard at Patagones during the final years of steam, in this shot by Marcelo Arcas. The modified elongated dome containing a sandpot can be clearly seen.


A pair of FC N G Roca tickets:

FALRocaPlazaCSCBariloche2ene1974 FALRocaSAOesteGLVintter


The station name-board at General Vintter station, as seen in 2011.


An ex FC Andino van still in service, at least theoretically, at Ing. Jacobacci in June 2011 as part of the breakdown train. This will have been one of the FCE 700 series vans built by Gloucester.


An FFCC del Estado van also in the shed at Ing. Jacobacci in 2011.


A view along the platform at Bariloche station, looking west towards the loco shed and the town. Taken in December 2000.




1 Memoria, Ministerio de Obras Públicas, 1938.




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1 Text of law 5559

2 Chronology of Patagonian railway proposals

3 Bariloche line route itinerary

4 Com. Rivadavia route itinerary

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22 Purchase of rails decree

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24 Bailey Willis summary

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26 Progress to Bariloche 1926

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28 Restructuring report 1953

29 Neneo Ruca accident






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