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Appendix 23

Transcript of Kerr Stuart order log

Oct 6 We herewith return the roll of Drgs connected with these coaches.

A 1873

Oct 6 1904


d/d Apl 17/05

Amended Order

1 Steam Motor Coach to Dwg 5416. Cylinders 9" x 15".

Where Livesey Son & Henderson specfn applies, please work to it.

The Gloucester Co have to supply buffers, cowcatchers & drawgear for one end & we must work together. Our arrangement is that if our price is lowest we shall supply both sets. If not they will supply ours.

The actual weight of the Gloucester superstructure will reach you in a few days.

We want delivery to be made in about 13 weeks.

Duplicate parts mentioned in the specfn will be needed.

Oct 30 3 1 Plugs & sockets for electric connections between engine, bogies & bodies of Coaches ex stock.

Nov 10 3 1 16 candlepower ceiling lamp 110 volts to be fitted in the engine cab also 1 tumbler switch for ditto 5 headlamps should also have a protecting glass also.

0.1969 1 Top bogie centre. Holes for fixing to main frame to be detailed by Gloster Co.

See previous page margin


See 0/1969 2/10/04 for 11" gong for Gloster Co

1873 addl Dec 7 Send one motor bogie to Gloster Co to be fitted to the coach portion for photographic purposes. Flexible connections supplied by us, but will be attached free of charge by the Gloster Co. We to send a man to do the wiring. Photographing to be done by us. Copy of orgl order to Gloster Co enclosed.

0 /6392 P Rings

See 6771 Altns

J Nash & Son 10/5926 Nov 11 04 Contract Dwgs. See letter re managing all dwgs for orders under Liveseys supervision.

Delivery as 895

Completed June 18/05



June DTOS . DP . O

May DDRi . A . O

Tools June DE . DO . T

May N . P . DD

3) SSOR . DN . E

£ DDSE . DE . O

cost per engine at Stoke

for Extras re & Carriage see 32/358/9

T Nash & Sons Oct 27 The axle No of the tyres tested for in connection with the contract (supplied by xxx) is 5080 & we shall be glad if you will see that this number is restamped – along with the other specified wording on the tyres after they are machined.

Livesey Son & H Oct 29 In answer to your letter of even date, the initial letters marking letters will as you surmise be “F.C.S.”. We enclose copy of the maximum rolling stock profile for this Rly which you will find of use in determining to what widths you may go.

Gloster Co Oct 24 Returning tracing of cross section with dimensions filled in. Cannot give exact weights at present, number of details to be settled. See xxx.

Nash & Son Nov 4 Copies of orders. You have ordd tubes 1½" o.s. Section F286 says “11/8"”. Have your engineers sanctions for altr!

Gloster Co Nov 14 Have been instructed by your H.O. To raise coach mainframe another inch, making it 2'11" to the underside of main channels when loaded & this will make the centre of buffers 3' 5¼" unloaded. Obliged for print 11338 & note bottom flange of channel must be cut as shown.

Livesey S & H Nov 15 Re No 9 tests. Only tender to small material is good, not workmanship. On same footing as N B L Co or Beyer P Co.

Gloster Co Nov 22 Alarm Bells up to the present we have not made any arrgt. We thought the most convenient bell for our end would be a foot bell, gong underneath platform as in tram cars, but this may well be convenient for your end. Will send sketch of this also that of a bell and might be first on top as you suggest.

Ditto Ditto

Nov 30 Enclosing order for 3 11" gongs xxx xxx. Please reply to designer.

Dec 5 are sending 3 drgs of sectional plan & longitudinal section of coupé end which we trust will meet with your approval. Will send details of gong to.

Dec 6 are sending today template of sweep of carriage roof.

Delivery as 895 & 896

Dec 8 Acting drg 11477A Note remarks re fittings. Correct dwg of roof shall be sent soon as possible.

T Nash & Son Dec 9 The cast No of the 6 Axles ordd from Brown Boyles is 6034 & we shall be glad if you will see this number is re-stamped on each axle after having being machined.

Gloster Co Dec 12 Drg 1990T Genl arrgt of Interior. We find out owing to the buffer height having been altered several times the dimension from rail level to top of roof figured at 13'-0½" is not correct. It should be 13'-4¾". Kindly alter copy.

T N & Son Dec 13 Pressure gauges inspected at S & B not fitted with cocks or handles & no nuts provided. The Specfn calls for the gauges to have handles to indicate whether steam is cut off or not.

XXX Co Dec 16 Re ammeters and voltmeters. Lettering N C S in these of xxx xxx. Shall therefore return them as order is [not] complied with.

T N & Son Dec 20 The chimneys may be 14'-7½" high from rail level, but this must not be exceeded!

T N & Son Dec 23 When getting out the Contract drgs we shall be glad if you will omit the nibbing of the plates in the 12 laminated driving springs supplied by T Truelord & Sons as no nibbing has actually been done.

Gloster Co Dec 29 Acrg print 11548. are sending tonight drg of the section of the roof at coupé end.

XXX Jan 6 Acrg Drgs 11879 11508 which are clear. Shall be glad to have cards soon as possible.

Contd page 99

Oct 7 04 Finish of Motor Coaches It has been arranged between ourselves & Liveseys that all the work on these coaches will be painted with the exception of wearing parts and handles. Therefore connecting & coupling rods will be bright at the ends only & all levers will be black except at the handle. Perhaps in designing these you will find it easy to arrange in some cases such as the rods for a hard and fast line to determine where the paint shall end & the polish begin. We require your Dwgs sent here for Liveseys approval at your earliest convenience. We presume this will not be later than Thursday or Friday (13th or 14th). Kindly confirm.

Oct 8 Only the duplicate parts for the coach are reqd & these will be supplied by the Glocester Co.

Liveseys approve of our putting in compression spring safety valves, 1½" tubes, single slidebars & crossheads & it is most certainly necessary to submit a general dwg: & as having details as you can prepare, at the earliest possible moment for Liveseys approval.

Oct 10 We presume the boiler pressure is 160 lb.

Oct 14 we are going into the question with Messrs Liveseys on Tuesday, by which time we hope to have the specification in triplicate & full drawings.

Oct 17 The consideration of the matter is postponed till Wednesday.

Oct 19 We expect Liveseys approval of the Dwgs tomorrow. Meanwhile please send dwg of boiler & tube plate as soon as possible. The bridge between the tubes to be kept as large as possible, rather more than ¾", if impossible increase thickness of tube plate. All the mud plugs are to be shown clearly on dwg. Show the clothing on boiler the full width of interior of cab & the space between the back of the firebox & cab side to be filled up with asbestos.

Oct 20 Liveseys approve of the engine & bogie entirely with the exception of tank filling arrangement, which they wish to have a short & circular door outside. We return the dwgs by this post.

Oct 21 Liveseys do not now require the alteration to the tubeplate. Please however work to the spacing of the tube shown on Dwg 11191, but . . . . .

. . . . . reduce the tube plate to 11/16" as originally specified.

Oct 24 Please return Dg 11191. We enclose copy of letter approving of engine and bogie.

Gloucester Co's letter Oct 22 Our Dwgs were submitted to the Engineers on Wednesday & we hear this morning they are not approved, but we were not informed which portions are objected to. A letter from Engineers is promised by Monday. Will furnish all information soon as letter is sent.

896 Ditto Ditto

June 18/05

Oct 25 The minimum radius is 150 ft. The only dwgs which we have now to submit to Messrs Livesey are the boiler tank & manhole filling drawings.

Oct 26 We enclose dwg received from Gloucester Co showing corrected cross section of carriage also the modification to the roof which you will observe is 3" lower. On looking at this dwg & speaking from memory it appears that the outside width is considerably less than the width of our cab. If is so please take the matter up immediately with the Gloster Co so that there may be no mistake. We are of course fixed to a certain extent by the length of our boiler. We have asked the Gloster Co to send in exact weights & correct cross section. Please take up any technical questions with the Gloster Co direct.

We return approved dwgs 11104, 11192, 11205.

Oct 28 We enclose tracing of loading gauge for this Rly. We note your remarks re diffce in width between body & cab. On receipt of the drawing showing the modification embodied by these two widths we will obtain Liveseys approval. Please communicate with Gloster Co & impress on them the necessity of having the exact weight.

Oct 31 We submitted list of supplies of material to Liveseys on the 19th Sept & they accepted these on the 20th ult.

Nov 8 With reference to the curves on which this motor coach will have to work, we have seen Liveseys & they inform us that the radius of the curves will be 300 ft & over the reverse curves of crossings as per sketch (on letter). Please set out their design very carefully on these curves & should the spring foul the bottom flange of main channel, we have Liveseys permission to cut away the bottom flange which must be re-enforced with an angle iron on the inside. Please be very careful about this & if you find it necessary communicate direct with Gloster & insure that the necessary clearance is provided for. Cowcatchers. We are to submit our own design, which may be made of steel. Height above rail level to bottom of cowcatcher to be 3½". Please make this as small & simple a design as possible.

Drawhook Mr Besche is under the impression this was returned to you with the other prints. Send cost top half bogie casting to Gloster now.

Nov 9 Drg of drawhook enclosed. Please enable us to reply to Liveseys letters – copy herewith.


June 25/05

Nov 10 We will suplly the Gloster Co with the Gloster Co [sic] with the top half of the centre castings & we await price. Liveseys approve of raising the underframe 1" to give the necessary clearance and have told Gloster to communicate direct with you. Please communicate with them & be sure no mistake occurs. When you submit design of cowcatchers and price for 3 of these as we shall probably supply Gloster.

Nov 15 We return Drg 11334, 11289, 11365. please note Liveseys remarks.

Nov 18 Buffers. Turton plant will make these. We will communicate with Nost in due course.

Nov 19 We think your suggestion re alarm bell is alright, but please communicate with the Gloster Co so that they are alike at both ends.

Nov 29 Please adopt the 11" gong & settle this matter between yourselves & Gloster. Are assisting Gloster Co to send a representative down.

Dec 14 We think you had better alter the lettering to F C S & let us know the cost. We do not think that the dia really matters much. We quite agree with you as to the means of despatching this motor bogie to Gloster. We trust however that in the packing and unpacking the paint will not be damaged.

Jany 3 05 Please send one set of lamps for each end to Gloster. Please see that the height of the headlamps above rail level are the same at both ends. We will send a man to do the wiring of our own lamps. The cells & wiring will be supplied by Gloster for the electric bell. Please make this clear on all points if they raise the question.

Jany 6 xxx xxx xxx Enclosing panel of painting also Liveseys remarks.

Jany 9 Liveseys now require these to be painted on this site. They require the roof to be painted white, the cab to be painted a shade of brown nearest to mottled varnished teak. Lining to be according to sample submitted. Handrailing to be imperial green & no nameplate or transfers required. Please send small sample showing the body colour you will use for the cab. The underframes will be painted black as specified. We return panels.

– Continued on page 98 – bottom right hand

L O Contd from pa98

April 4 If Gloster Co do not already know position of headlight send them this information direct at once.

pending April 6 Please post for shipment & send to Gloster, but post in such a manner that the parts can be easily removed for erection purposes. We know you sent paint and position of head & side lights to Gloster.

Lamp brackets Send out to Gloster soon as possible head lamp brackets for coach ends.

Shipping April 12 Mark packages before sending to Gloster.

pivot centre May 6 We note that it would be necessary to move the pivot centre 11" instead of 9" to clear the angle irons & we await your drg showing this. We are glad you have looked into this as the Gloster Co evidently overlooked this point.

Photographing May 10 See letter re painting our name on paper to be stuck temporarily on smokebox door for photography. As far as we know at present our men will not be required again at Gloster.

Dwgs May 19 Put the words “Provisionally Patented” on each of the contract drawings for this order.

Altns May 22 Look into the alterations necessary to rectify the mistake. Work with 11". send drgs ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾.

May 23 You will of course unless you have been otherwise [advised] alter the 2 engine bogies still at the works in accordance with the other necessary to remedy the mistake which has occurred.

May 24 Confirming wire to proceed with altrs. Post drgs to Gloster & send us copies. Send other material that will be necessary. See 0/6771.

May 25 You are to supply all material for the altr to the engine bogie only. Re sending man down at once.

May 29 Confirming phone message by Mr Hooper to effect the altns to the two bogies at store. Ship as soon as possible. Note materials were sent to Gloster on Saty. Will you send us drg showing revised position of rear sand boxes & cutting away of the bogie cross stay plate to clear truss rods.

Steaming June 2 Advise Mr Hooper instructed you that the engine was not to be steamed at Gloster the C E have informed us that they desire to see it in steam and consequently these countermand the written [order] given you by Mr Hooper. We note your remarks re electric wiring. See that our gols are contained possible moudant.

Altns June 3 Mr Hooper thinks that unless something untoward happens it might not be necessary to send anyone further than one man.

Drgs June 7 The C E require copies of the genrl arrgt of the engine embodying the alteration to the tank end & sand boxes. As you will not have this altn embodied in the genl arrgt please send the revised drg together with the old arrgt. They are also desirous of having copies of the most important details such as the boiler, wheels & axles etc. They have to submit these to the Govt for approval. Please send by return confirming phone me re 0/7 contract drgs.

Sent Drg June 9 Gloster Co send us drg showing top of the sand box is closer to the truss rod than the bottom of the portion cut away. They say it is likely that one lid will foul the truss rod & ask if we cannot lower it until the top of the lid is in line with the bottom of the cut away portion. We note your remarks re housing submit drgs to builders for the Govt approval in Friday last. They require an arrgt of our engine bogie similar to Drg 11138 but having the altrs embodied in this design. We require a print of this also send print of boiler & wheels axles.

painting June 14 The 2nd and 3rd engines need not be painted in their final coats. The Engineers have decided to ship in their grey body paint. We have instructed the Gloster Co to paint and varnish the motor coach engine as suggested by Mr Hooper in his letter to Mr Flouph on the 17th inst & we have also asked him to give our own men any assistance which is necessary.

Despatch June 30 If passed arrange for despatch Monday or Tuesday (16/17). names & No to follow (2nd engine).

Jul 31 Arrange despatch 2nd, 3rd 28th June.

Drgs The Gloster Co will be needing the Contract Tracings for the coach & under frame positions so please send them the exact sizes of tracings you are arranging to make yours.

June 31 Gloster Co say that our use but instructions from Nash to re-erect engine after it was dismantled. Wz undertook test last week was satisfactory.

June 24 We note your remarks. We have a letter from Gates that he was proceeding with the painting.

June 30 Note additions to shipping specf. Will endeavour to put another right.

July 15 Send drgs to Nash. This seems to be usual course. We will inform Liveseys.

July 31 Say when drgs will be ready ‾ ‾ ‾.

Aug 11 Re case gongs & Bogie Centres. We will inform Liveseys.

Weights Jany 26/06 Enclosing letter from Liveseys re weights on Engine Axle.



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