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Bibliography of the railways of Patagonia

These are publications directly related to railways. References are in date order.

Estadística de los Ferrocarriles en Explotación (Statistics on Railways in Operation), published annually by Ministerio de Obras Públicas, Dirección Nacional de Ferrocarriles (Ministry of Public Works, National Railways Board), Buenos Aires.

Estadística de los Ferrocarriles en Explotación. Published annually by the Departamento de Ferrocarriles, Ministerio de Fomento, Santiago de Chile. Annual statistics from each railway. The FC Mina Loreto appears, but the FC de Chiloé, being part of the FC del Estado, does not. Some of this data can also be obtained from summary publications such as Sinopsis Estadística i Jeografica de la Republica de Chile, or Anuario Estadística de la Republica de Chile vol XII Comunicaciones, also published annually.

Ferrocarriles del Estado – Memoria/Datos de los Servicios, presentado por el Director General al Ministerio de Fomento. Published annually by the Ferrocarriles del Estado, Santiago. The isolated nature of the Chiloé line means that its traffic figures appear separately in this publication.

Railway Guide and Station Directory of the Argentine Republic. 1892. R. H. Icely. Buenos Aires. Mileages and stations only.

Monografia de los Ferrocarriles Particulares. 1910, Arturo Titus S., Valparaiso. Summarises the situation on each railway, including a page on the Mina Loreto line.

Estudios en la cordillera de los Andes para determinar la línea de unión de rieles San Antonio en la Costa Argentina del Atlántico y Valdivia en la costa chilena del Pacífico. Report by the American geologist Bayley Willis for Ministro E. Ramos Mexia. 1912.

Los Ferrocarriles de Chile. 3rd edition 1912, 4th edition 1916. Marín Vicuña, Santiago. Quite a lot of useful data.

Locomotives for Patagonia in Baldwin Locomotives magazine. October 1922. A detailed article about the 75cm. gauge 2-8-2s at the time of their construction and shipment.

Las líneas patagónicas del FFCCE, a report by thel Administrator General of the Argentine state railways, Dr Enrique Pérez, May 1925.

Railways of South America: Part I: Argentina. (William Rodney Long (& George S. Brady?), U.S. Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce - Trade Promotion Series No. 32, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington D.C. 1926. 267 pages). Lots of detailed figures and statistics about the various Patagonian lines and their equipment, though most of these are as sent in by the various managements. Intended for prospective American exporters to Argentina.

Railways of South America: Part 3: Chile. In same series as above Argentinean volume – No. 93. Published 1930. The Mina Loreto line is covered individually, but the Chiloé Island railway is subsumed within the FCE Red Central section and has no statistics of its own.

Los Ferrocarriles de Chile. 1929. Ministerio de Fomento, Departamento de Ferrocarriles, Santiago. A thin booklet of not much use.

Historia del Ferrocarril Sud 1861-1936. William Rögind, 1937. BuenosAires, presumably published by the FC Sud. 692 pages. Illustrated. A comprehensive history published to celebrate the company's 75th anniversary.

Nuestros Ferrocarriles, 1939. Santiago. Carlos Huidobro Diaz. A thorough study of all Chilean railways and tramways. Not available in London as far as I know, but there is a copy in the New York Public Libraries.

Los Ferrocarriles de Chile. 1939. Leopoldo E. Guillén. Santiago. Mostly tables of data.

Significado de la nomenclatura de las estaciones ferroviarias de la República Argentina, by Enrique Udaondo, Ministerio de Obras Públicas, Buenos Aires, 1942

Ferrocarriles de Chile – Historia y organización. 1943. E. V. Rojas y C. M. Gutiérrez. Editorial Rumbo, Santiago. As usual the Chiloé and Mina Loreto railways get ignored.

Historia de los Ferrocarriles Argentinos. 1947. Ferrocarriles del Estado, Argentina. A lot of interesting period photos, eg. of the construction of various FCE lines.

Mi Vida de Ferroviario Inglés el la Argentina 1887-1948. Arturo H. Coleman. 1953? Privately published in a limited edition of 200 copies. Bahía Blanca. 700 pages, many illustrations. A very detailed autobiography telling of the author's initial training on the GWR and the following 61 years spent on the FC Sud until nationalisation. Many illustrations.

Un Viaje en el tren chilote de Ancud a Castro. 1953. In En Viajes, no. 249, the FCE magazine, Santiago, Chile. A description of a journey on the FC de Chiloé.

Restructuración y coordinación de los servicios de transportes en los territorios patagonicos. Informes y conclusiones de la comisión especial creada por resolución ministerial. 1954. No. 513/53/ published by Servicio de bibliotecas y publicaciones de transportes. Buenos Aires.

Historia y Nomenclatura de los Ferrocarriles patagónicos. 1956. 'Juan del Sur' (Tómas Gonzalo). Article in Argentina Austral edicion 298. Buenos Aires. Explains the etymology of many station names.

El Ferrocarril del Estado a San Carlos de Bariloche. 1968. Professors Horacio Juan Cuccaresse and Nelva Evelia Miguel de Cuccaresse. Paper presented to 1st Congress of Rio Negro History in Bariloche.

Historia de los Ferrocarriles en la Argentina. 1969. Horacio Juan Cuccorese.Ediciones Macchi, Buenos Aires. Concentrates on the big systems, with almost nothing on the FCCC.

The World of South American Steam, 1974. Ken Mills & Roy Christian, privately published. The book which started the steady stream of enthusiasts to various obscure bits of South America!

O. & K. Dampflokomotiven - Lieferverzeichnis 1892-1945 by R. Bude, K. Fricke & Dr. M. Murray, 1978. Railroadiana Verlag. A list of all O. & K. steam locos with their initial destinations.

The World’s Most Advanced Steam Locomotive, M. Swift and R. Wilkinson, in ‘The Narrow Gauge’ No. 82, about 1979? A detailed article about the RFIRT and its 2-10-2s.

Los Ferrocarriles ingleses en la Argentina. 1980. Winthrop Wright. Emecé, Buenos Aires.

Railway in the Desert. Kenneth Skinner. 1984. Beechen Green Books, 22 Bantock Gardens, Wolverhampton. England. This is a biography of E. J. Williams, the FCCC's first engineer, rather than a history of the railway.

Railways of South Georgia, by R. A. Smith in 'The Narrow Gauge' no. 97, published by the Narrow Gauge Railway Society.

The Origins of the Camber Railway (Stanley, Falkland Islands), by R. A. Smith in The Narrow Gauge' no. 108, 1985, published by the Narrow Gauge Railway Society. Professor Smith's two articles were also reproduced in the Falkland Islands Journal 1985 with additional photos.

El Tren de Chiloe. 1986. Gustavo Boldrini P. CEFOMA (Centro de Folklore Magisterio Ancud), Ancud. A history of the Ancud-Castro line, mainly from contemporary newpaper articles. Very good on the planning and construction but hardly anything about locos, rolling stock or railway operating.

Historia del Ferrocarril Central del Chubut - Aportes Preliminaires. 1988. Susana M. Lopez de Monedero et al. Grupo de Investigacion de la Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia. A typed and duplicated paper rather than a bound book.

Los Ferroviarios que perdiamos el Tren. 1989. V. Accorinti et al. Ediciones Culturales Argentinos. This is a comprehensive collection of anecdotes about the FCCC, by a number of residents and ex-railwaymen, including Edgar Calderon the last superintendent of the line.

Dampf über Sudamerika. 1990. Gunther Feuereissen, Gondrom, Munich, Germany. Will Booth reports that this has many good photos of both the Esquel line and the RFIRT.

A Pictorial Album of Hudswell Clarke Narrow Gauge Locomotives, by Ronald Redman, Trent Valley Publications 1992, has a works photo of FCCC 2-6-0 No. 6.

The Tramways of Chile 1858 – 1978. 1992, Allen Morrison, Bonde Press, New York. A brief reference to the proposals for street tramways in Punta Arenas, and a paragraph or two on the Mina Loreto tramway/railway. The text of this book is available online.

El Ferrocarril Central Chubut. 1993. Clemente I. Dumrauf. Centro de Estudios Historicos y Sociales. Puerto Madryn. This concentrates on the initial planning and construction of the FCCC and has very little on the later history of the line.

British Railways in Argentina 1860-1948. 1993. H. R. Stones. P E Waters & Associates, Bromley, UK.

El Tren de Puerto Bories. 1995. Alfredo Frangopulos R. Article in Impactos 95, Punta Arenas.

Mito, Historia y Leyendas del Tren Chilote. 1996. Carlos Mendez Notari. Publisher unknown. An A4 sized booklet. Less detailed than Boldrini's booklet (above) on the construction of the line, but has some extra facts on locos and operating.

Aventuras Sobre Rieles Patagónicos. Alejandro Aguado. 1996. Published by Duendes del Sur, Comodoro Rivadavia. Anecdotes and line drawings of the C. Rivadavia-Sarmiento broad gauge, though the 75cm gauge creeps in without the author noticing!

Railways of Latin America in Historic Postcards, 1997. Christopher Walker. A superb evocation of what these lines were really like long before any enthusiasts reached them. Trackside Publications. 50 Long Meadow, Skipton, North Yorkshire, England, BD23 1BW.

Historia del Ferrocarril en Chile. 1997. Ian Thomson and Dietrich Angerstein. DIBAM - Direccion Bibliotecas, Archivos y Museos, Centro de Investigaciones Diego Barros Arana, Santiago. A general history of Chilean railways. The FC Mina Loreto gets a mention and a photo, but not the Ancud-Castro line.

Railways of Argentina (List of all known locos). Reg Carter. Duplicated, spiral bound. 46 Mill St., Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, KT1 2RF. UK.

Industrial Railways of Argentina (List of all known locos). revised 1998. Reg Carter. Duplicated, spiral bound. 46 Mill St., Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, KT1 2RF. UK.

El Viejo Expreso Patagonico, 4th edition 1998, a guide book to the Esquel - Ing. Jacobacci line with dual Spanish/(sort of) English text. Published by Producciones Publicitarias Puppy, with text by Rodolfo Rena.

A Orillas del Ferrocarril. 1998. José Alberto Alonso. Publisher unknown. Tales of the broad gauge around C. Rivadavia and Puerto Deseado.

El Ferrocarril de Puerto Deseado al Lago Nahuel Huapi. Hector A. Briano. 1999. Editorial Dunken, Buenos Aires. Extracts from the diary of Ing. Briano whilst the railway was under construction, with appendices by more recent writers including Señor Jorge Waddell of the Fundación Museo Ferroviario..

To Esquel with 'El Trencito' by Keith Taylorson, in Narrow Gauge World 2, June 1999. An illustrated article about La Trochita.

Narrow Gauge Rails to Esquel, by Keith Taylorson, 1999, available from the author at 23 Hanover Street, Brighton, BN2 2ST, UK. A detailed look at the recent history of the Esquel line with excellent black & white photos.

Beyer, Peacock Locomotives, two photocopied volumes by Joe Lloyd, 1999, Has details of the FCCC 2-6-0s built by BP. Contact the author in Hyde, Cheshire, UK, on (+44) (0) 161 368 4740.

Al Rescate de un Tren en Rio Turbio. Article by Sergio Zagier in La Nación. 25 Mayo ,2000, speculating on possible steam tourist trains from Rio Gallegos.

Locomotivfabriken, version 3.000. 2001. A CD-ROM of locomotive builders' lists and other information. Jens Merte, Germany.

The Railways of South America. 2001. D. Trevor Rowe. Locomotives International, c/o Paul Catchpole Ltd., The Old School House, Arrow, Alcester, Warwichshire, England, B49 5PJ. A readable introduction, though only 140 pages for the whole continent doesn't allow for much new Patagonian material!

La Trochita - a journey through space and time on the old Patagonian express. 2002. Sergio Sepiurka and Jorge Miglioli, GAC, Av. Libertador,17882, Beccar, Buenos Aires. A new bilingual coffee-table type book on the Esquel line, of very high quality. More information about the book is available online from Amigos de la Trochita.

The Railways of Chile, Volume 5 - Southern Chile. 2002. Wilfred Simms. Published by the author at 'Sea Gate', 81 Sea Avenue, Rustington, Sussex, BN16 2DR, United Kingdom. A 72 page booklet in a series of five. Mainly based on visits to Chile in 1978 and 1987. Some interesting oddments.

Historia de un Ferrocarril Patagónico, de Puerto Deseado a Las Heras 1909-1944. 2004. Susana B Torres, Graciela Ciselli, Adrián Duplatt. Editorial Dunken, Buenos Aires. ISBN 987-02-0880-0.

Argentine adventure. A railwayman at the end of the World. 2004. Chris Parrott. Cheona Publications, Caernarfon, United Kingdom. ISBN 1 900298 28 7. A diary by Chris Parrott who is a seasonal driver on the FCAF.

Ferrocarriles en la Zona Austral de Chile, 1869-1973. 2005. Mateo Martinic B. Instituto de Historia, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile , Santiago. The text of this paper is available on the internet.

Memoria Grafica - Una Andanza entre los Durmientes - Region de Los Lagos. 2009. José A. Hernandez Troncoso y Marcelo A. Lespai Traro. 978-956-332-005-3. Publisher not obvious. ISBN 978-956-332-005-3.

El Tren y sus Hombres, Centenario del Ramal Puerto Deseado - Nahuel Huapi. Andrés Lagalaye, Emilio Camporini, María Florencia De Lorenzo. 2009. Editorial Piedra Buena, Buenos Aires. ISBN 978-987-23265-1-7.

Con corazón de carbón, por Sergio Garcia, un estudio detallado del RFIRT en la revista no 68, junio de 2009.

El Ferrocarril a Nahuel Huapi. Booklet in the series Historias de mi pueblo, by Ricardo Vallmitjana. 2010?. San Carlos de Bariloche.




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