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Spanish, like English, is not a single homogeneous language. Different words can be used in different places to express the identical concept. The same word can have very different meanings in different countries in normal usage. For instance, the word hacienda in Argentina (in the context of railways) means livestock; however, its usual meaning in Mexico is something like stately home, in Perú a large crop-producing estate and in Spain (the royal) household. Another is muelle, which in Patagonia means a pier (landing stage; normally of timber piled construction) whereas in Spain it is a spring.

The ultimate authority on language in the Spanish speaking world is the Real Academia who list the variations such as noted above. However, technical terms may not always be recorded by the Real Academia, and may be specific to individual railways, particularly is the railway was of British origin. Where the word is specific, but not necessarily uniquely, to a country or railway, there is an abbreviation indicating the context of the word.

Arg = Argentina;
Bol = Bolivia:
CenAm = Central America;
Chi = Chile;
Es = Spain;
FCS = FC Sud
Mex = Mexico;
RFIRT = Ramal Ferro Industrial Río Turbio
Uru = Uruguay


el aceite diesel (CenAm) diesel fuel
el acoplador giratorio rotating coupling (invented!)
el acoplador (tipo) hacha chopper coupling (invented!)
el acoplador (tipo) mandíbula / puño knuckle coupling, eg Alliance, Janney or Buckeye coupling
el acoplador (tipo) anillo y perno link and pin coupling
el acople coupling
adentro (train direction) inwards
el afloramiento outcrop (of mineral)
afuera (train direction) outwards
el agente agent, employee, policeman
el agua (CenAm – feminine gender) water tank, water stand
el agua de alimentación boiler feed water
la aguada water tank
el agujero shunter
el agujo (point) blade
los agujos de securidad points with a facing point lock
los agujos simples points without a facing point lock
el aire comprimido compressed air
la albañileria brickwork
la alcantarilla culvert
la alimentación (Chi) water supply
el almacén store (in workshop), grocer’s shop
la alquitranadura (Chi) impregnating wood with creosote (as a preservative)
el ancho de vía gauge (not Arg, Chi)
el andén platform (more modern term in Arg)
el apartadero (Chi, RFIRT) crossing place (with two running lines the main line is bi–directional; the secondary running line may be bi–directional)
el apeadero halt, unstaffed station
el arenero de mano (Es) hand operated sand box
el arenero de vapor (Es) steam operated sand box
la armadura Pratt Pratt truss (truss with vertical members in compression and inclined members in tension)
el arrollamiento running-over (of livestock or person)
ascendente up (train direction; in direction of increasing kilometrage)
el asiento seat, chair, place
el auto de vía small railcar, self propelled inspection vehicle (like a Wykeham trolley or a Fairmont)
el auxiliar (de estación) (RFIRT) station assistant (performs duties something like a station master, but rotates amongst the station staff three monthly where there are more than one appointed to a particular station)


la bajada downward slope, gradient, descent
el balasto (railway) ballast
la baliza (strobe) head light
la banda de rodamiento tyre
la banderita flag (for hand signalling)
la barrera level crossing barrier
la báscula weighing machine
la base (de riel) foot (of rail)
el bastidor mainframe
el bastidor americano con laqueras de barra (Es) bar frame
el bastidor clásico (Es) plate frame
el bastidor monobloque (Es) cast frame
el bastón train staff
la batería (RFIRT) electric battery (in Arg more usually la pila)
la bencina (Chi) petrol
la bitrocha (Arg) mixed gauge
la biela de acoplamiento coupling rod
la biela motriz connecting rod
los bienes (RFIRT) assets
(con, de) bisagras hinged (as door)
el bissel (Es) pony truck
la bodega (Chi) storage shed
la bocina engine horn
el bogie bogie or truck (Not RAE)
el bogie de forma diamante diamond frame or archbar bogie
la boletería (Arg) ticket office
el boleto (Arg) ticket
el borde alto (Arg) high sided wagon
el botiquín first aid box
la bóveda refractoria brick arch (in firebox)
el brazo (signal) arm, (man's) arm
el bulón (Arg) large round headed screw (for securing rails to wood sleepers)

el bulto bale
el buque vessel
el bus carril (Chi) railcar


la cabeza (de biela) big end (of connecting rod)
el cabín (Arg) signal box
la cabina (Arg) alternative for cabín (the particular form used will depend on the particular pre-nationalization railway on which it is / was located)
la cadena a eslabón three link coupling
la caja de ejes a rodillos roller bearing axlebox
la caja de engrase (grease) axle box
la caja de fuego firebox
la caja de humos smokebox
la caja de lubricación axlebox
la caja de rodillos (Es) (roller bearing) axle box
la caja para punta de eje axlebox
el cajón (Chi) high sided wagon
el cajón para arena sand box
la caldera boiler
el caldero (Perú) boiler
la calzad (RFIRT) wheel stop, chock
la cama bed
el cambio a mano (RFIRT) hand points
el cambio a resorte sprung points (this does not necessarily involve the use of springs, but more usually a hand lever weighted to self park in one position only, unlike the usual arrangement where it will self park in either position)
el cambio de punta (RFIRT) facing points
el cambio de talón (RFIRT) trailing points
el cambio inglés double slip crossing

el cambista (Arg) shunter
el cambista (RFIRT) handsignalman
el camión lorry
la campana bell
la campanilla hand bell
la canilla tap
el canado padlock
el canjeador tablet catcher
la caña cane (for attaching wires of portable telephone to line side telephone overhead wires)
el capataz forman
el capataz de cuadrilla PW ganger
la carga load, goods
el carlito (Arg) (nickname for) four-wheel van
la carrera stroke (of cylinder)
la carretilla (Chi) wheelbarrow
el carril (Es) rail
el carro (Chi, Mex) wagon
el carro plano (Chi) flat wagon
la carta de porte bill of lading
la casa de máquinas (Chi) engine shed
la casa redonda round house
la caseta signal box (see note at cabina)
la casilla (de señales) signal box (see note at cabina)
la ceja (wheel) flange
el cenicero ash pan
el cerchametro loading gauge

la cerradura de gaveta point lock (at in-section siding operated by train staff)
el cierro fence (type not implied)
el cilindro cylinder
la cisterna tank
a ciudad town, city
la clase única classless passenger accommodation
clausarada (eg station) closed
el clavo dog spike
el clavo de gancho hooked nail
el coche coach
el coche compósito (FCS) composite coach
el coche mixto (Arg) composite coach
el coche motor motor coach
el coche reservado officers’ saloon, inspection saloon (locomotive hauled)
el cojinete bearing
el cojinete de bolas ball bearing
el cojinete de rodillos roller bearing
el colero (RFIRT) final vehicle of train (painted distinctively [red and white vertical bands] and carrying the appropriate end–of–train signals)
la colonia colony; eg. Colonia Sarmiento (settlement in unoccupied territory established by, or with the consent of, the government)
la collera (Chi) track panel
la combinación interchange (of passengers at junction station); train with more than one portion which will be split at a junction en route.
la compañía company
la compañia naviera shipping company, shipping line
el compartimiento compartment
la concesión concession
el conductor (RFIRT) conductor (the person who is in charge of the running of a train, he is generally the same person as the engine driver)
el conductor (CenAm) conductor (USA usage)
la conservación (Chi) maintenance
la construcción construction (this may be used to describe both the process of constructing and the thing which has been constructed)
el contenador container
el contracarril check rail
el contrafuerte abutment
la contraluz back light (of signal)
el contrapeso counterweight
la contrapresión back pressure
el contravapor putting steam engine into reverse to act as brake
la copa sistema Livesey (literally) Livesey cup system (a type of cast iron pots supporting the rail and held to gauge with tie bars


Foto de copas sistema Livesey, popularmente denominadas tortugas. Agradezco a la museóloga Manuela Domenichelli del Museo Pampeano, Chascomús. Photograph showing Livesey system cups, commonly known as tortoises. Thanks to the Curator Manuela Domenichelli of the Museo Pampeano, Chascomús.
el corte rake (of wagons)
la cremallera rack (railway) or rope worked incline
la creosota creosote (preservative for wood sleepers)
la cruce de trenes (CenAm) process of two trains passing on a single track railway
la cruceta crosshead
el cruzamiento (Chi) turnout
la cuadrilla squad
la cuadrilla de vía PW squad
el cuadro absoluto (RFIRT) absolute square (literally – fixed stop signal located at entrance to station [grande] or at exit from siding [chico]; corresponding roughly in UK practice to fixed home and starting signals respectively)
el cubierto (RFIRT) van
el cuello de hierro signal lever collar (to remind signalman that lever should not be operated – Quintinshill!)
de cuentagotas drip feed
la cúpula dome
la curva curve
la curva cerrada (sharp) curve


el chasis chassis
la chata contenador flat wagon for (modern) containers
la chimenea funnel
la chimenea inclinada inclined adit (of a mine)


de dos pisos, de un piso double / single deck
decauville system of light, temporary lines (cf Jubilee track, used in construction of public works)
el decreto decree
el depósito engine shed
descendente (Arg) down (train direction; in direction of decreasing kilometrage)
el desvío siding; an additional line used for shunting or the parking of vehicles (exceptionally it may be used for the crossing of trains; it may be of such a length that it would be considered a branch line – the airport siding at Puerto Madryn was 4km long and I’ve read of one in the north of no less than 101 km long!)
el desvío de cruce crossing place
la detención facultativa (Chi) stops on request
el detentor catch point
el dibujante técnico draughtsman
diesel diesel (the Real Academia, spells it diésel, but in Arg Chi is is almost invariably spelt without an accent)
el disco chico (RFIRT) small disc (literally – small disc placed below a disco de aproximación signal to indicate that the train need not stop at the entrance points to a stations as required by the disco de aproximación signal; corresponding roughly in UK practice to a fixed distant signal in the off position)
el disco de aproximación (RFIRT) approach disc (literally – fixed signal indicating that the train must stop at the entrance points to the station unless otherwise given a signal at that location; corresponding roughly in UK practice to a fixed distant signal in the on position)
el dique dam, reservoir
la doble expansión compound expansion
la doble tracción double headed or banked
los dormitorios bedrooms (in sleeping coach)
la dotación complement, crew, squad
la draga dredger
el dueño the proprietor
el durmiente, de acero, de quebracho steel / quebracho sleeper


la eclisa fishplate
el edificio building
el eje axle
el eje acoplado coupled axle

eje frenado braked axle
el eje libre delantero (Es) leading carrying wheel of engine
el eje libre trasero (Es) trailing carrying wheel of engine
el eje motor driving axle
el eje para cilindros interiores (Es) cranked axle
embalaje packaging
el embalse reservoir
la embarcación vessel
el embarcadero unstaffed station; station with restricted facilities, but more than a halt

el embarcadero goods loading platform
el empalme junction
el emparrillado (Es) grate bars
el empréstito (Chi) borrow pit
en depósito in storage (out of use)
la encrucijada crossing vee, frog (USA)
la empresa undertaking, company

encomienda parcel, packet
enganche a cadena (Arg) three link coupling
enganche a rosca (Arg) screw coupling
enganche automático (RFIRT) automatic coupling (knuckle)
el equipaje luggage

equipo vuelca vagones (RFIRT) wagon tippler
escape exhaust, blast pipe
la esquema de ruedas wheel arrangement
la especificación specifications
el estribo abutment

la estaca del cambio (RFIRT) clearance post (indicating the point beyond which vehicles on two converging lines will foul each other)
el estaca de libranza (RFIRT) alternative for estaca del cambio
la estación de adelante (RFIRT) station in advance
la estación de atrás
(RFIRT) station in the rear
American (USA)
estancia large stock rearing farm (in Australia a cattle / sheep station)
la estadística statistics

estanque tank
estribo running plate, footplate
a explotación operation, working, exploitation (rarely used)


FA Ferrocarriles Argentinos (the nationalised railways)
el fabricante maker
el farol hand lamp, head lamp
el farol de mano hand (signal) lamp
el farol de señal light (of signal)
la faroleria lamp hut (for keeping and filling lamps)
FC abbreviation for railway (plural FFCC)
FC A (Andino) Andino Railway
FC BAP (Buenos Aires al Pacífico) Pacific Railway
FC CA (Central Argentino) Central Argentine Railway
FC CC (Central del Chubut) Chubut Central Railway
FC GOA (Gran Oeste Argentino) Argentine Great Western Railway
FC M (Midland) Midland Railway
FC Sud Southern Railway (Buenos Ayres Great Southern Railway)
FC O (Oeste) Western Railway
el ferrobus (Bol) railcar
el ferrocarril railway
el flete freightage, charge for conveying freight
el fogón fire box
el fogonero locomotive fireman
el foguista alternative for fogonero
la foja de ruta way bill
el foso ditch
la Fraternidad (Arg) locomens' union, cf. ASLEF in UK (roughly)
el frigorífico meat freezing plant
el freno al aire comprimido air brake
el freno al vacío vacuum brake
el freno Westinghouse (Arg) air brake
la fuerza mayor force majeur
la fuerza motriz motive power
el furgón van, box van, brake van, luggage compartment in passenger coach, guard’s compartment in a passenger coach
el furgón (RFIRT) brake van (sole meaning)
el furgón de cola (FC Patagónico) brake van
el furgón de equipajes parcels van (UK), baggage car (USA)
el furgón de freno brake van
el furgón postal postal van


la galería gallery (in mine)
el gálibo loading gauge (dimensions thereof)
el galpón shed
el galpón de esquila shearing shed on a sheep-raising estate
el galpón de máquinas engine shed
el ganado (Arg) livestock
el gango banksman (ie the person who directs the operation of a crane driver)
los gastos expenses
a granel in bulk, loose (not in containers)
el ganche mandíbula knuckle coupling
el gancho coupling hook (between buffers on buffer beam)
la garita (Arg) signal box
el garrotero (Mex) shunter (person)
el gato atravesador (Es) traversing jack
el gato traslador traversing jack
el gato de vía (RFIRT) track jack (probably a ratchet jack of perhaps 5 tons capacity)
el gato de locomotora (RFIRT) locomotive jack (probably a traversing screw jack of perhaps 15 tons capacity)
gentileza (+ nombre) courtesy of (+ name)
el gerente manager
la giratoria turntable
el gradiente (Chi) rising gradient
la grampa (Arg) clamp (for points), la grampa (Chi) (rail) spike
la graseria meat rendering plant
la grúa crane
la grúa de agua water crane
el guarda guard
el guardabarrera crossing keeper
el guardafreno brakeman
el guardahilo telegraph linesman
el guardatrén (RFIRT) guard (who controls the braking of an train not fitted with continuous brakes)
el guardavaca (Chi) cattle grid
el guinche a vapor, a mano steam / hand winch


la hacienda (Arg) livestock
el herrero blacksmith
el hierro forjado wrought iron
el hizagas gas producer
el hogar combustion chamber
el horario (RFIRT) time table (that part of the working time table which specifies the class, direction, number and running of the trains)
la huella (wheel) tread
el humero smoke box


el indicador de cambio position indicator for points
el ingeniero engineer (professional)
la interconexión crossover
la interconexión doble scissors crossover

el itinerario de trenes (RFIRT) working timetable (a printed document which contains the time table, together with information concerning the running and dealing with trains)
el inyector injector


el jefe de estación = station master
la junta para riel = fishplate


la lastradura (Chi) ballasting
el lastre (Chi) ballast (in Arg used only in relation to ship's ballast)
el lavatorio washing compartment
la letrina WC compartment (not usual)
la ley law
la línea automotora Pullman road motor coach service
la locomotora auxiliadora (RFIRT) assisting engine (whether located between the train engine and the train or at the rear pushing)
la locomotora auxilio (RFIRT) alternative for locomotora auxiliadora
la locomotora de patio (Chi) shunting engine
la locomotora exploradora (RFIRT) exploratory engine (a light engine sent out into an occupied section to look for a train, or a rake of wagons, whose whereabouts is unknown)
la locomotora sola light engine (may be more than one engine coupled together and may include one, or more, brake vans attached
la locomotora tender (Es) tank engine (tender with no accent)
la locomotora titular (RFIRT) train engine (located at the very front of the train in front of any assisting engine)
el locotractor petrol or diesel small shunting engine
el lomo (de riel) running surface (of rail)
la longitud de rodado (Es) wheel base
el lubricador de pestaña flange lubricator


la llanta (Es) tyre
llega arrives (in timetables)


la maestranza (Chi) locomotive workshop
la mala visibilidad (RFIRT) bad visibility (defined as visibility of less than 200 metres)
la mandíbula (Uru) knuckle coupling
las maniobras shunting
la manga de freno brake hose
el manómetro pressure gauge
la mampostería masonry
la maniobra brusca rough shunt
la maniobra volante (RFIRT) fly shunting (that is, when a locomotive pulling a rake of wagons is uncoupled from them while in motion and passes through facing points in a different direction to that of the following wagons)
la máquina alternative for locomotora
la máquina con ténder (FCS) tender locomotive
la máquina sin ténder (FCS) tank locomotive
el maquinista engine driver
el marco de palancas ground frame
la marmita buffer stop, point hand lever
el mástil signal post
el material móvil rolling stock (Cen Am)
el material rodante rolling stock
los materiales materials (not cloth), stores
el mechero lamp burner
la mesa giratoria turntable
la mina de carbón coal mine
Ministerio de Obras Públicas Ministry of Public Works
el miriñaque (Arg, Ch) cattle guard, cow catcher
el mixto mixed train (ie conveys both passenger and goods stock)
el molinete turnstile
el montaje acoplador buffer beam
Movimiento train control office (more fully: la Oficina (de) Movimiento Seccional)
el muelle pier, wharf
el muelle (Chi) goods loading platform
el muelle (Es) spring (mechanics, not water)
el muelle de hojas (Es) leaf spring
el muelle helicoidal (Es) coil spring
la muñequilla crank pin
el muro de sosteniniento (Chi) retaining wall


la nafta (Arg) petrol
la neblina (Arg) mist (defined as visibility of less than 200 metres)
el nivel de agua water sight gauge
el nomenclador (station) name board
el neoyorquino New Yorker
la novedad (RFIRT) incident, event, occurrence



la obra de arte engineering work; (eg. bridge)
las obras (construction) works


la palanca signal lever
el palanquero (Chi) shunter (person)
el palo pole (numbered from 1 each kilometre and used to make mileage location more precise)
el pañol bunker for coal or wood (usually in ship)
la parachispas (Es) spark arrestor
la parada halt; unstaffed station dealing with passengers
el paradero (Chi) minor station
el paragolpe buffer
la parrilla grate
la parilla de vías marshalling yard
el pasaje fare
el pasajero passenger
el pasamano handrail
a paso de hombre at walking pace
el paso a nivel level crossing
el patio de maniobras (Chi) marshalling yard, shunting yard
el pendiente gradient
el pendiente (Chi) falling gradient
el peón labourer, PW worker, surfaceman, lengthman, agricultural worker
el peón de cuadrilla surfaceman, lengthman, underman, PW worker
el peralte cant, superelevation
el perno bolt
el pescante (FCS) breakdown crane
el petardero fog signalman
el pertardo detonator, fog signal
el peso adherente adhesive weight
el peso propio unladen weight
la pestaña wheel flange
el petróleo (Arg) fuel oil (for trains)
el pie (de biela) small end (of connecting rod)
el piedraplén embankment (made of stones)
la pila (electric) battery
el pique mine shaft
el pito mouth whistle
la placa giratoria turntable
la plancha (de riel) web (of rail)
la planchuela fishplate
el plano plan, design
la plataforma station platform (more old fashioned term) or flat wagon (with no or very low sides)
el platillo face of buffer
la platina end balcony of coach?? fall plate??
platinar to slip
la playa de maniobras (Arg, Chi) shunting yard
la pluma jib (of crane)
la población village, population
el pontón lighter (barge for unloading sea going ships)
el portavoz spokesman
el práctico (Arg) conductor (ie person who knows the road and advises the engine driver who doesn’t)
la precaución (Arg, RFIRT) speed restriction
la presión de caldera boiler pressure (200 psi = 14.1 kg/mm2)
el producido income
el pueblo village
el puente bridge
el puente giratorio turntable
el puente grúa overhead travelling crane
la puerta caja de humos smoke box door
la puerta corrediza sliding door
el puerto port
la punta de agua water crane


el quebracho ironwood (extremely tough hardwood growing in the north of Argentina, extensively used for sleepers; there are various colours / types of quebracho which have their own preferred uses)


el radio radius
el raíl acanalado grooved dock or tram rail
el ramal branch line
la rampa de costado side loading ramp
la rampa de punta end loading ramp
el recalentador (FCS) superheater
el recalentamiento superheating (Es)
el reemplazante (RFIRT) locum (person undertaking those duties at the particular time)
el reflector headlamp
Reglamento Interno Técnico Operativo (1958) – RITO rule book (specifically the first one issued for Ferrocarriles Argentinos after nationalization)
la reja quitanieves snow plough
la remesa roundhouse (USA)
el rendimiento térmico de la caldera thermal efficiency of boiler
el repetidor repeater signal
el repuesto spare part
la residencia living quarters
el resorte spring (mechanics)
el retraso delay
el revisador de vehículos wagon examiner
el riel (Arg, Chi) rail
el riel de acero steel rail
el riel de doble hongo bullhead rail

Photos courtesy of Señor Sergio Barral
el riel interno check rail
el robinete steam release valve
el rodado wheel arrangement
el rodaje wheel arrangement
la rondela nut (for bolt)
la rueda wheel
la rueda acoplada coupled wheel, driving wheel
la rueda motriz (Es) driving wheel
la rueda portador carrying wheel (not bogie wheel)
la rueda propulsora driving wheel
el rodamiente roller bearing


la sala de espera waiting room
sale departs (in timetable)
la salina salt flat
el satelite (RFIRT) road vehicle rail conversion trolley
la sección block (Arg) block section (British practice)
el segundo capataz de cuadrilla PW sub-ganger
el semáforo (semaphore) signal
la señal de avanzada (Arg) advanced starting signal (British practice)
la señal de cola (Arg) tail lamp of train (British practice)
la señal de distancia (Arg) distant signal (British practice)
la señal enana (Arg) dwarf signal (British practice)
la señal de entrada (Arg) home signal (British practice)
la señal de entrada a desvío (Arg) shunt to siding signal (British practice)
la señal fija (Arg) fixed signal (British practice)
la señal luminosa (Arg) colour light signal
ls señal de llamada (Arg) calling-on signal (British practice)
la señal de maniobra (Arg) shunting signal
la señal movible (Arg) movable signal
la señal de salida (Arg) starting signal (British practice)
la señal que autoriza a correr por vía contraria (Arg) wrong road working signal
el señalero signalman
en servicio (RFIRT) on duty (when working a shift system)
el servicio diagramado (RFIRT) diagrammed service (that is, one operating to the time table contained within the current working time table)
el servicio programado (RFIRT) programmed service (that is, one operating to suit the exigencies of traffic through lack of a current working time table)
el silbato engine whistle (sound)
la simple expansión simple expansion
la siriaca barrow

Photo courtesy of Señor Sergio Barral
la sobretrocha gauge widening
el sombrerito detonator (slang)
la supercalefacción superheating
la superficie de calefacción heating area


el tablero notice board, sign board
el taco (de madera) key (for securing bullhead rail in chair)
el taller workshop
los talleres (Arg) workshops (a complex with a series of shops with different functions, eg brass foundry, tin smith, painting, etc)
el tándem two diesel locomotives working in multiple
el tanque tank
el tanque de combustible fuel oil bunker
el tanque montura saddle tank
el tapón fusible fusible plug
la tara tare (weight)
el techo catedral clerestory (monitor) roof
el techo jaulón birdcage roof (obsolete)
el ténder tender
el tercero third party
el terraplén embankment
la timonearía de freno brake rigging (excludes brake shoes)
el tirafondo mushroom-head screw, coach screw
el tiro draught (up chimney)
la tolva hopper wagon
la toma de agua water crane
la tonelada tonne, ton (depending on context)
el tope (Chi, Uru) buffer
la tornemesa (Chi) turntable
el tornillo (Uru) screw coupling
la tortuga livesey see la copa sistema Livesey
el tramo (Chi) section of line, branch line
la trampa catch point
el tranvía tram (car)
el travesaño crossbeam
el tren de auxilio breakdown train
el tren de pasajeros (Arg, Chi) passenger train
el tren de trabajo ballast train
el tren de viajeros (Es) passenger train
el tríangulo triangle (for turning engines), wye
la trocha gauge
la trocha ancha (Arg) broad gauge (1675 mm, 5‘6")
la trocha angosta (Arg) narrow gauge (1000 mm)
la trocha económica (Arg) economic gauge (750mm)
la trocha estrecha (Es) narrow gauge (1000 mm)
la trocha media (Arg) standard gauge (1435 mm, 4‘8½")
la trocha super económica (Arg) super-economic gauge (600mm)
los trucks trucks
el tubo (Arg) tube (of engine boiler), pipe
el tubo (Chi) piped culvert (for watercourse under track)
de turno (RFIRT) on duty (when working a shift system)


el vacuómetro de freno vacuum gauge (for brakes)
el vagón (Arg) wagon
el vagon (Mex – no accent) four wheeled mine tub
el vagón jaula livestock wagon
el vagón volcador tipper wagon
la válvula deslizante slide valve (invented for this website)
la válvula de securidad safety valve
el vapor recalentado superheated steam
el vapor saturado saturated steam
el velocípedo (Arg) track bicycle (for lengthman)

Photo courtesy of Senor Sergio Barral
la veta vein (of mineral)
la vía ascendente up line (defined as the direction of increasing mileage)
la vía auxiliadora (RFIRT) additional / subsidiary line (a line
which is not a running line
la vía auxiliar (RFIRT) alternative for vía auxiliadora
la vía de servicio (Chi) (goods) siding
la vía de tráfico (RFIRT) running line
la vía descendente down line (defined as the direction of decreasing mileage)
la vía férrea railway
la vía libre line clear
la Vía Libre (RFIRT) system of permissive block working
la vía marítima shipping service
la vía mixta (Cent Am) dual gauge
la vía permanente permanent way (another direct borrow from English?)
la vía primera (Arg, RFIRT) main line (the line which joins the stations and passes through them; the running of the trains on it is governed by rules and signals)
la vía principal (Arg, RFIRT) alternative for vía primera
la vía segunda (RFIRT) second running line (at stations and crossing places)
la vía sencilla single track
la vía tercera third running line (not siding – at stations and crossing places)
vía(s) y obras Engineer's (Department), Way & Works (Department)
el viaducto viaduct
el viaje journey
el viento huracanado hurricane
la viga mainframe, chassis
la viga castillo (RFIRT) colliery arch
la villa town


los wagons, wagones (Arg) wagons (outdated; more usually used by British-owned companies)


el yacimiento mineral deposit


la zapata de freno brake shoe
la zorra motor (usually) trolley; (which can readily be removed from the track by its own crew)
la zorra (tramway) works tram
la zorra volcadora tipping wagon


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